For many years, my wife and I were searching for a safe and reliable way to immigrate to Canada that would reduce the many uncertainties and risks of immigration and would give us occupational options related to our specialty as physicians. In this regard we thankfully learned about SuVP consulting Inc. from one of my relatives who was a Canadian resident and was planning to start a business in Toronto. At that time, we connected with SuVP Consulting Inc. and found great advice and support. The program started in a well-planned way with a well experienced team. It was very worthwhile to have started our immigration plan parallel to our business plan. The new Canadian permanent residency strategies support and accelerate the process if the business plan is approved, and fortunately the SuVP consulting Inc works with the best business incubators in the world to guarantee success in both immigration and starting your business at the same time. Even after a few month of finishing the program we are still in close contact with SuVP team and their dedication to our business and immigration processes and their sense of responsibility is so admirable.