I am really happy with our decision to hire SuVP Consulting. They were very efficient, knowledgeable, hard working, dedicated, and caring team. They made my stay in Toronto  stress-free, convenient and efficient. I was able to communicate with them easily at all times. It was clear that they are highly experienced, up to date with current and new trends, and all the rules and insights which proved useful to us.The SuVP representatives were helpful in all the situations and even after we successfully received our letter of support we had the full support from them.

Overall it was really helpful to have SuVP guiding us through all the steps to avoid any confusion and any extra costs. They informed us about all the risks we might face, thankfully in our case everything went smoothly and exactly how they had explained to us. I would definitely recommend SuVP Consulting to others. Finding the right consultant can be very stressful for anyone, as it requires putting a lot of trust into someone when dealing with such a precise process. I was really happy with the level of service and attention to detail. The level of communication was fantastic, and they handled my case with care and utter professionalism.