I am a dentist, after having researched almost all of the available immigration programs to Canada I was introduced to SuVP consulting and to the startup immigration program. I realized that in comparison to start-up visa program, the other immigration programs I was considering had a very high risk and required a lot of investment.

After getting acquainted with SuVP consulting director, his character, his mentality, and the mastery of the subject, led me to signing the contract. After signing the contract, I was astonished by his detailed planning, research, and scientific information which even surpassed my own specialized knowledge with 22 years of professional experience in the domain. This made me feel happy and confident about working with this professional team.

At no stage of work, I felt unreliable and uncertain. I was 100% supported throughout the course, and I did not doubt, even for a moment, their capabilities.

If I want to name a number of their countless characters:

  • Their knowledge, familiarity and understanding of all business affairs
  • Their conscientiousness and friendship, which helps you have peace of mind
  • Their supportiveness and friendliness at all stages
  • Their extant professional mastery and knowledge of full details regarding start-ups

Undoubtedly, I encourage everyone who intends to immigrate to Canada to work with SUVP consulting. I have already introduced many friends to them and they are all happy.

As the process of immigration is a hard to process, it will be much easier to handle this difficult route with the professional and kind advisers.

The SuVP Consulting executives were some of the most successful people I have ever met, and I can say proudly that getting acquainted with them is one of the greatest lucks I have ever had.