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Start-up Visa Program Consulting


Canada’s Start-up Visa Program targets immigrants with the skills and potentials to build an innovative business in Canada. Their proposed business will have to be reviewed by one of the Designated Organizations (DO) and is judged at least by the following criteria according to Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) recommendations:


 The proposed business must be innovative

The proposed business must be globally scalable

 The proposed business must create jobs for Canadians 


The applicant may also have to provide other documents such as business plan, financial analysis, market research, website, patent application (if necessary) and so on.

This is where SuVP Consulting comes in!

We help you develop a business case with your background and business expertise in mind to satisfy all requirements of the Start-up Visa Program. Once your business and all the requirements are approved, a Letter of Support will be issued. At this point, you are on the way to acquiring Canadian Permanent Residency.

The Permanent Residence obtained through the Start-up Visa Program is unconditional and it does not depend on the success of the proposed business.